Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sick Days

My poor boys had a rough couple of days at the end of last week. RSV for both (basically viral pneumonia if you're not familiar with RSV) and a double whammy ear infection for poor Amos knocked them both out. I am thankful for medicine and access to great doctors. 

It was a sad, pitiful fight for Mama's lap as we waited for the doctor, until one poor sick boy fell slap out :

After getting a diagnosis and some meds, home to quarantine we did go. Over the next two days we experienced exciting activities such as:

Dropping a toy in a boot and retrieving it over and over:

Various and sundry lego creations:

Reading lots of books: 

Demolishing the living room: 

Snuggling for little one and cartoons for big one: 

Finally learning to peacefully coexist on the same lap: 

But at the end of sick day number two, Amos was so over it: 

I am so very thankful that Saturday things started looking up, and both boys are now on the mend. I do not take for granted the health of these precious little ones, and brief illnesses like this make me all the more grateful for it. Also-I certainly do not ever wish sickness on them, but this working mama doesn't mind too terribly much when she gets to stay home with sick babies and get lots of love and snuggles! 

We got to go to church this morning as a family, and tonight I got to go back and sing There is Nothing Greater than Grace with these two sweet girls. A great end to the weekend. 

 I hope your weekend was good, and that you are staying healthy and warm! 

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