Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I've got to record a few of this baby's funny little sayings! People are always telling me to write them down, lest I forget them one day when his precious baby babbles have turned into a deep, booming baritone.

Overall observations--all words are spoken with an exclamation point. No exceptions.

"Bruddy!": meaning- brother 
"Me-Mauk!": meaning- T.Mark

He loves to pat his belly, which he calls his "Money!". I have no idea why this is, but I think it's pretty hilarious. 

"'Nack!": meaning- snack. This can refer to any meal, at any time of day. In fact, usually his first communication in the morning is "Mama! 'NACK!!"
"Appa": meaning- supper. This can also refer to any meal, at any time. 

Can you tell the boy likes food? I'm telling you, he eats as much or more than a grown man. A typical breakfast for this guy is a whole banana, some Cheerios, and three fried eggs. No, that was not a typo. Yes, I said three. 

"Pay! Bock!": meaning- Play! Blocks! Commonly spoken immediately upon finishing his "'nack", when he wants to get down and play blocks with his brother.

"Tud! Oo-bee!": meaning- Ted and Ruby. These are our dogs. Amos is OBSESSED with them, more than T.Mark ever was at this age. 

"Weee!": meaning- the slide in the playroom. He loves to try to escape unnoticed from whatever we are doing downstairs to try to sneak up the stairs to go "weee!" 

"Da-doo": meaning-thank you. He's got "peas!" down too. Polite little gentleman.

"Uhh-dooo": meaning- I love you. Sweetest little syllables in the world. 

These are just a few of this boy's precious little words. I know they won't mean much to anyone but me and maybe one or two others reading, but they are music to my ears and a delight to my heart. I love you, sweet Amos! 

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