Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thoughts on My Boys

   Today I was singing to T.Mark and Amos several different little songs that are straight scripture. Sometimes I feel in the moment that these little things don't make a difference (although I do know in my heart they will add up over days and months and years). I get varied responses from them--T.Mark often would rather do without my singing, while Amos smiles and laughs and waves his arms at it. But today, after I had been singing for a little while and then stopped, T.Mark looked at me and said, "Sing me another song about the Lord, Mama." 

My goodness, a mother's heart can hardly handle that without bursting! I smiled and began singing again. I love that God's Word is already being written on their little hearts in this way. 

Sometimes the weight of mothering is heavy. I mean this in the sense that I want so desperately to please the Lord in the way I raise my children. I want them to know Him. I want them to show Jesus to their little friends. I want them to want to talk to Him and share their hearts with Him. I want my boys to grow up to be men after His heart. 

Playing with and caring for them is such a joy. No it isn't always easy, but I do love it so much. I read recently, I can't remember where, that changing diapers is holy work. I loved that. I have used that to encourage many friends lately. Sometimes the day-in, day-out physical demands of mothering little ones can be overwhelming. Especially when you add the wholly different (though no less or more challenging) demands of being a mother who works outside the home. I loved the idea of viewing what are sometimes menial tasks as a way to joyfully serve both the Lord and my family. 

Amos loves to be read to. "Book! Book!" He has a favorite that he wants me to read over and over. And over. Ha! But when he toddles up to me holding it and bumbles his little rear end around backwards and plops into my lap so we can read together, my heart swells with an emotion that I can't quite put my finger on. It is some mixture of gratitude, pride, joy, and a deep sense of responsibility to shape this little life God has entrusted to me. 

I am humbled, thankful, and filled with a measure of healthy trepidation for doing this job well. 

Just as an aside--I love my BFF:

 I am so excited that Christmas is coming soon. Especially considering I've been singing Christmas music since August in choir! Regarding Christmas and shaping little hearts, I found this resource to be quite helpful last year, and look forward to going through it again with my boys leading up to Christmas: 

This book traces the lineage of Jesus through scripture, beautiful illustrations, and kid-friendly paraphrases of each part of the story. Last year T.Mark colored pictures relating to each story while we talked about the events and people. He was only 2 1/2 at the time but it is amazing the information he could take in and retain. I'm looking forward to going through it again this year. 

I hope your weekend has been good. We've been enjoying puddles during breaks in the much needed rain, and some time inside playing with puzzles, blocks, and watching cartoons! 

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