Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Zoo Day and a Birthday Party

This past Saturday was a big day for the Sledge boys! We got up early and after seeing Taylor off to Oxford for a speaking engagement, T.Mark, Amos and I headed out to meet a group from our Sunday School class at the zoo. T.Mark was extremely excited. Amos was cold, a little sleepy, and not so sure about the situation. Ha! 

The first big animal (relatively speaking!) that we saw was this little pygmy hippo. 

The flamingos were a big hit. There was some other bird (the brown one in the foreground) that was either sleeping or trying to stay warm, and had tucked its head around backwards between its shoulders so you couldn't see it. This blew T.Mark's mind. Ha! 

By this time Amos had warmed up, literally and figuratively. Here was his reaction when I pointed out the "big pink birds": 

Amos and some sweet friends: 

The tiger was also a favorite. However, I did not like at all how he paced back and forth, looking hungry, right in front of my baby! 

I think T.Mark's very favorite animal was the giraffe. I'm curious--surely this guy is contained by an electric fence? The little wall around his paddock was only about 3 feet high--significantly below his knees! I kept thinking he was about to step over it and walk up to say hi. 

The carousel was also a big hit:

Here is the whole crew:

We joined some more Sunday School friends for lunch at Sal and Mookies, headed home for naps and then hopped right back up to head to our friend Nora Lynn's third birthday party. 

Amos, me, Carolyn Grace, and May May:

Kim and Wren. She looks more like her mama every time I see her! 

The amount of sand I dumped out of his pants after this was impressive: 

Happy birthday Nora Lynn! 

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