Monday, October 19, 2015

Girls' Weekend

I got to go up to Nashville recently to visit some friends and two sets of cousins. Emily, my dearest friend in the world, recently moved back there with her husband. I am so glad to have her back down south!  I missed my babies while on the trip, but it was a needed "brain break" and refresher for me. I told a friend that by the end of the weekend I had remembered what it felt like to be carefree! I would not trade the responsibilities of my life for the world, but carefree is a nice thing to feel every now and then!

I love Franklin. 
I had not been able to spend as much time there as I'd like in the past, but the little Nashville suburb is cute and quite hopping, actually. I loved the little shops and restaurants. I'm so glad for Emily that she lives in such a fun place that is so close to all the amenities of Nashville! 

Rolling hills near her house: 

Me and two Emilys. So thankful for each of them in my life. 

Me, Babington, and Tricia. I loved seeing these sweet friends and catching up. Babs is a youth director at a local church, and Tricia is a nurse practitioner. I also finally got to meet Tricia's sweet baby boy, Grayson! 

The last night I was there Em and I went on a girl date and went to see Grace Potter at the new Ascend Amphitheater in downtown Nashville. 

This girl has got some serious pipes:

I would highly recommend this venue! Small enough to be intimate and comfy but in the middle of downtown, with the skyline rising above the stage in the background. So cool. 

While I was gone, Taylor was in Wyoming on a hunt with his dad and brother. Looks like I will be cooking lots of elk meat this winter! 

I missed these little guys terribly, but they were quite well taken care of (read: spoiled) by their Mimi and Doc. 

They were not any worse for the wear, believe me! 

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