Friday, August 21, 2015


Amos' first week of Mother's Morning Out left him slightly tuckered, to say the least. I walked in at noon the second day to find him like this:

Bless his little heart. His teachers said he was playing hard all morning and and just rolled over all of a sudden and was asleep, just like that. Poor guy. It is going to take a while for him to get adjusted to his new schedule! I am so thankful for his teachers, Ro Ro and Lissa. They pray for each child by name daily. What a huge blessing and comfort that is. 

I forgot to take a first day of school picture, naturally. (I will claim that this was my subconscious rebelling against the incessant, unrealistic, and senseless demands social media places on young women, young mothers in particular. But I digress. That's a whole post in itself.) I decided a first week picture would certainly do the job: 

Memory recorded, check. Mom guilt semi-assuaged, check. 

Cutest and sweetest boys ever, check.

T.Mark has been blessed with an absolutely awesome, godly, patient, and sweet teacher this year. We already love Mrs. Megan! I can't wait to see what all he is going to learn this year. I can't believe he is in three year old preschool already! 

Sweet Mrs. Megan sent me this text on the second day of school: 

  In other observations--I know I am way, WAY behind the times on this but--Chik-Fil-A is amazing. I know you are all thinking, well, duh. But here's the thing-tonight was my first time to ever go inside a Chik-Fil-A and eat with my kids. How that has not yet happened, I have no idea. I drive through occasionally and have always been impressed by their service but had not had a dine-in experience until now. I met a friend there tonight with her three kiddos and my two, and they played and had a great time. Not long after we arrived, I took T.Mark to the restroom and when I returned, my friend had put one of those stick-on-the-table baby placemats on our table in front of the high chair. Surprised, I said, "Thank you so much!! Where did you get that?" She replied that they are complimentary here. And that in some Chik-Fil-A's they even have little containers with Cheerios in them for babies. 

Um, excuse me?? I had already been blown away a few moments before by the fact that there was a stool for little ones in the restroom underneath the sink. I didn't even see it, but when I was about to hoist T.Mark up and do the awkward hold the child over the sink  while helping him wash his hands and trying not to get his shirt soaked maneuver, he said, "Oh! I'll just use this stool, Mama" and pulled it out from its home under the sink. A small thing, but a big deal to a mom of little ones. I was so impressed. 

The final thing was when I walked up to the counter and the woman behind it didn't wait for me to ask but instead, she anticipated my need and asked, "Ma'am, would you like your beverage refreshed?"

 No raised eyebrow or annoyed look. No, "Refill??" Instead it was a pleasant smile, and did I want my "beverage refreshed". I think she actually may have even called me honey, now that I think about it. 

Why yes. Yes, you sweet Chik-Fil-A angel lady sent straight from Jesus, I would in fact like my Beverage Refreshed. 

It's amazing how far little things like these can go to make someone feel welcomed, appreciated, and valued. Note to self: explore how to apply these principles in my own home, business, church. 

For now though my little brain is tired. Maybe not quite as tuckered out as Amos on his second day of school, but close. 

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