Monday, August 17, 2015

This 'n That

 I can sense that "back to school" feeling in the air. People scurrying around getting  back into routines, new schools for some, and an anticipation of cooler temperatures coming. When I stepped out of the car at my office this morning, I actually felt a teeny, tiny bit of coolness in the air. Maybe it was a figment of my imagination but I don't think so. 

Of course anything is cool compared to 105 degrees. 

We took a short trip to Oxford this past weekend because Taylor had a speaking engagement in Memphis, so I brought the boys up and made a weekend out of it. We had some visitors in the front yard: 

By the time it was over with they were practically on the front porch. 

Last minute, all four grandparents decided to come up too:

We headed back Saturday night so we could be back for worship Sunday morning. It was a great morning--our friend Parker got baptized, so we went to lunch with a big crew to celebrate. 

Sunday afternoon T.Mark got to meet his cousin Olivia's new pet, Sy the ferret:

His main observation was, "Wow, Mama, he is LONG!"

Because my house is near the woods, we have about a million critters and creepers and bugs and insects. I can't think about it with any level of serious contemplation because if I do I will just about decide to curl into the fetal position and never move again. Arachnophobia would be a pretty accurate term for my problem. 

So when I realized that this is what lives behind my house, in the thousands, I practically went into cardiac arrest:  

This is a female orb weaver. She is eating supper. Or viciously dismembering a dragonfly. However you choose to look at it. If you zoom in you can see her tiny little man friend above her, cheering her on. 

Two comments on this. One, doesn't that poor little guy feel emasculated? And two, after he's accomplished his mission with her, is she going to eat him? I sent this picture in a group text to some girlfriends last night and as you can imagine the commentary was quite humorous. 

And lastly, I have thoroughly enjoyed lately the feature on the YouVersion Bible app that lets you create an image with  Scripture and save it to your phone to then be used as homescreen, etc. An easy little way for scripture to be in front of you throughout the day. 

This post was a bit disjointed, but that is a reflection of my reality lately. Perhaps cooler weather and a return to routine will bring a new normal and a settling in. 

Or, perhaps as my mother likes to say, normal is simply a setting on the dryer. 

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