Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Austin Weekend

I spent this past weekend just outside of Austin, Texas. It was refreshing and super fun. Taylor and I drove over and met up with some business friends of his and their wives for the weekend. It is a diverse group, and I truly enjoyed getting to know them each a little better this weekend. This will most likely be an annual get together, so I look forward to building relationships with these sweet people in the years to come!
I had not spent any time in this particular part of Texas before. The topography is not what I expected! It is much more hilly than other parts of the state I have visited. It was really beautiful! The friends we stayed with lived on some acreage out from town. It was so peaceful out there.


Though they live (sort of), in a neighborhood, when you sit by their pool in the backyard it is so secluded and surrounded by nature that you feel like you're the only one around for miles.
Because I am such a mamaw I woke up before everyone else each day. But I loved it because I could go outside in the peaceful quiet with a cup of coffee and spend some extended time with the Lord. This is a luxury I don't often have at home! My quiet time at home is usually at the office out of necessity, or during naptime on some days. Otherwise I have precious, grubby little hands grabbing my Bible pages or sweet little voices asking me to hold them or build a Lego tower. Worthy causes, I might add.


Yes, in case you were wondering, those are flannel Christmas pajama pants that I'm wearing. In August. Hey, I like to take a little Christmas with me wherever I go.
On Saturday the crew leisurely woke up (except for mamaw) and headed out to the lake nearby. Our friends Wes and Jamie were so kind to host us for the weekend and in particular out on their boat.


My sweet friend Jen and me:


The lake house we rented had this on the wall right when you walked in the door. Ha!


Beautiful sunset just for you:


And then, to finish up the trip--I had the best meal I've ever had in an airport, hands down. Some Mexican place I can't remember the name of, but it was wonderful.
It was a great weekend. I am thankful for the time I had to rest and relax. But I am even more thankful for the grubby little hands and Lego towers I came home to!


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