Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

 I love thanksgiving. Especially when all my cousins come to town. Here was our small, quiet, intimate family gathering: 

 Ha! I think we were quite the opposite of all those adjectives I just listed. We are a loud, boisterous, motley crew! But hey it wouldn't be family without the oddballs and crazies, right? 

Or maybe that's just my family. 

A tradition was started in 1981 (three years before I was even around) in my family called "Roll Call", where we all line up according to age and everyone is videoed stating their name, age, and something about themselves. We do it only every few years, usually when as many people as possible are there. It has been a while, and all the cousins were present, so I took it upon myself to be a little bit of a nazi and make sure it happened this year. I think everyone was glad! I hope so anyway. I have been trying to upload the video here but have had some trouble. Hopefully I will figure it out and add it soon. 

Me and my sweet babies.

T.Mark and his cousin Sterling:

My little fam:

Kyle, Angie, and Amos chatting: 

Sweet potatoes....yum:

Okay so maybe that is mostly sugar and marshmallows, but there is a sweet potato or two somewhere in there, I promise. I should have taken a picture of my contribution to the meal this year--a deep dish chocolate chip Nutella cookie pie. Oh yes. You read that right. It. Was. Delicious. If I do say so myself. It was basically a ginormous cookie made out of homemade dough on top of another ginormous cookie, baked together with a thick layer of Nutella in between.

  My Christmas decorations are slowly but surely going up, most important of which is the tree:

It is so sweet to see T.Mark get so excited about the lights and the tree. He's at such a fun age. 

I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one!

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