Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Whistle While You Work

So my day was made when I saw this guy in my side yard yesterday:

It's a gardenia. There are several of these bushes that I had not noticed, or rather had noticed but had no idea what kind of plant they were. I am an appreciator of nature but I'm afraid not very studied in it.  

  But gardenias may be my very favorite. They are beautiful, similar to a rose, but have the most intoxicating, beautiful scent. Possibly my second favorite smell in the world, if I have to give it a ranking. (I am big on smells, if you can't tell.) 

   I went back to work yesterday. It was a half day. Today because of a doctor's appointment and some scheduling issues I ended up not scheduling patients. I will work part time the rest of the week and then resume a normal schedule next week. 

    I am so thankful for a profession that I love. I am even more thankful for a positive work environment, a great partner, and family support. And also for the afternoons I have off. But my goodness it is hard to leave my babies!! It almost killed me yesterday when I talked to T.Mark on the way to work (he wakes up after I leave, which also just about kills me) and he said "Will you please come back to the yellow house, Mama?" (He calls our new house "the yellow house.") 

  I will say this-already it has made me more efficient and productive than I have ever been. There is no time to waste time if people in my house are going to have clean clothes to wear and food to eat! I have also already been more intentional with my time with T.Mark as I have been preparing for going back to work. We've been playing outside more, talking more about the scriptures he is learning, and reinforcing what he learned at school each day. Being intentional with Amos isn't as much of an issue because he is just my little sidekick at this stage! It has begun the start of a transition though as I go back to pumping at work so he can take bottles while I am away from him. 

   I guess the saying goes that the only thing that doesn't change is change, right? Or something like that. 

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