Tuesday, November 25, 2014

T.Mark--An Update

 "Thank you for crackers, mama."
 "Thank you for my kiss, mama."
 "Thank you for my sprite, mama." 
 "Thank you for my medicine."

All out of the mouth of my sweet, sick little boy yesterday morning. Unsolicited. You will not meet a sweeter two year old. He has his moments, but 99 percent of the time he is the sweetest child in the world. Not that I'm biased or anything. 

He had a short bout with the flu (our second this season!!) but he is back to bouncing off the walls today. 

Here is a little update on my big baby boy:

 T.Mark, you are two and half! You are a precious, funny boy. You love trucks of all kinds, M&Ms, four-wheelers, your grandparents, and your teacher Mrs. Julie. You are a very verbal child and you love to please. My favorite moments are when you say things like "Come sit and talk to me mama" or "Will you come play with me mama?" in that sweet little voice. You are working on potty training, slowly but surely. This week you have just started telling us when you need to go, rather than us asking you whether you need to. Hopefully we will move from pull-ups to big-boy underwear soon! You love to make "tall tall towers" with your blocks, and your little imagination is developing greatly. You like to get in your tractor or your cozy coupe and "go to the store" to "get some tomatoes."  You are an adventurous and healthy eater--you will try just about anything. For example you love to snack on sliced raw bell peppers and carrots. It makes me so proud when your teachers ask how I get you to eat so healthfully! However you love some chocolate as much as the next guy! 

   You have memorized many scripture verses, which also makes me very proud. You know your letters and numbers. You love to hug and kiss your family and friends. Your memory is pretty impeccable-much better than mine! You do not forget new friends you make-you almost always remember names, faces, and places. 

   I am so very thankful to God for you, my beautiful firstborn boy. I pray daily that  the Lord will shape your little heart to be like His. 


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