Thursday, October 30, 2014


  There are so many times I have wished to have an audio recording of our sanctuary choir rehearsals on Wednesday nights. Recently we did start recording and posting them so that people who are away on business or other travel can listen later to hear what they missed and catch up on what we worked on. But some days, even just the rehearsal of the music is so overwhelmingly beautiful to me that I wish I could capture and share it right that moment. I have on occasion shared lyrics here of something we've sung, but that nowhere near does it justice. The myriad of imperfect voices that belong to imperfect people blending together to create something beautiful is what gives those lyrics life and breath and thus communicates the gospel to those who listen. And those who sing too. Sometimes what I experience on Wednesday is the thing that gets me through the week, especially if it is a difficult one emotionally, physically, or spiritually. For me, our Wednesday night rituals and rehearsals are much like a sacrament of sorts. They are not on the level of a baptism or Lord's supper of course, but they are a regular returning to the table of the Lord for me. They are the means by which I enter true community in my church, maybe even more than Sundays. They are a reminder, one in which I both give and receive. In the ritual of carrying my babies (and all their various accoutrements!) into the church, and feeding hungry little mouths, one at the table with fork and spoon and one from my own body--we both experience and act as the church. When the sweet 12 year old friend does not ask but simply sweeps in and picks T.Mark up and carries him on her hip through the supper line and to our table because she sees how much I have to carry, my family receives His gifts through community. When T.Mark asks, every Wednesday, to see his 95 year old friend who takes the supper tickets, and then stops to talk to her--we give that gift of community back, as the tonic of youthful exuberance to an aged soul. When a dear friend helps feed one of my children so I can eat too. And then to go into the choir room and rehearse, which, for me, is certainly a time of worship. The church is a beautiful give and take, a living organism that grows and changes and is ever adopting new life in, making it continually more beautiful as she is sanctified. Preparing herself for the Wedding Day, to the perfect Bridegroom. 

I love my church. I love The Church. Can you tell? 

Here are a few pics from the last couple of days: 

My little fireman in his preschool Halloween parade: 


Excited to pick out some pull-ups and "Cars" big boy underwear! 

 We started two days ago into the world of potty training. Scary stuff. I am not above bribery. I.e., chocolate. And this coming from a dentist! 

Wish me luck!! 

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