Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Little Comforter

 I had to write this little story down so I won't forget. First of all--tonight is my baby's first night in his big boy bed. I can't believe he is old enough for that!! 

 He looked so tiny in that big bed. Just about made me cry! I still have not posted any good pictures of the big boy room, but they are coming! This sweet little man was so excited that he got to sleep on his new sheets with cars and trucks and airplanes on them. 
   Earlier tonight, I had somewhat of a meltdown. We'll chalk it up to pregnancy hormones. I was by myself trying to get T.Mark ready for the first night in his new room, and I was in some pain because of physically overdoing it earlier in the day with some household tasks (my own fault!), and then our border collie who is normally very even tempered went berserk because of some fireworks outside and tore up the trim on a couple of our back doors. That did me in. I started crying and plopped down on the floor. Poor T.Mark did not know what to do. The monologue went something like this, as I sat in his room, crying pretty hard. 

"Mama's crwyin."
(Very concerned look on his face) "Mama's got a bobo??"
(I nod my head, still crying)
"Mama needs a hug!" (Hugs me about three times.)
"Take a deeeep breath mama."
(Puts hands on my face as his little eyes search mine) "Wanna go to Primos?

My tears dried pretty quickly after that! Precious boy. Pretty funny that the most comforting thing in his little brain is to offer to take me to his favorite restaurant. I sure do love this little boy of mine! 

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  1. I love this story. Sometimes I miss the baby stage, but it's so neat to watch things like them building a sense of empathy and learning to care for others. I'll never forget the time Graves said "Take deep bweaths, Awnie. It'll be okay." to his sister. Hope your able to get some rest!