Friday, July 4, 2014

Fun on the Fourth

 What a fun-filled day it has been! I think T.Mark may have had one of the most exciting days in his little life so far. We went to a parade, petted a horse, sat in a police car and got our very own policeman's badge, ate ice cream, and saw the double decker bus AND a fire truck. And all that before lunch. Whew. 

Sweet horsie. T.Mark asked the officer if he would get down and let him ride. Ha! I told him that's not quite how it works but thanks for asking so nicely!

Our sweet friends Kim, B.C., and Wren came with us: 

Cool cat in the police car: 

Family photo ops: 

Two boys and a mama: 

After the morning fun it was back to the house for naps. And I mean for me too! I had grand intentions of painting some furniture but I fell asleep on the couch for two hours instead! And I must say, it was wonderful. 

Late afternoon was equally exciting--we headed up to the Grove for the petting zoo and live music. 

Car selfie! This big baby sat in between the little ones: 

A very patriotic ferret: 

And finally, the turtle races. How awesome is that??

I must say it has been a close to perfect Fourth of July. Because I am a bit tired and more than a bit pregnant, we are laying low at the house tonight and I am going to turn in early. So while I can hear fireworks, I won't see the obligatory Fourth of July fireworks show. I will just have to close my eyes and dream of sitting on a beach somewhere and watching one instead. Sweet dreams!

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