Saturday, June 28, 2014

Two Years Old

I love picking up my little boy. Even with a rapidly expanding belly and a decreased lung capacity that causes me to get winded very easily, I love picking him up. Feeling the weight of his little boy body against my side. Smelling his sweet little boy smell.

Most mamas will tell you that the top of her baby's head may be the best scent in the world. Sounds odd, I know, but leaning down and smelling that little head is one of the best things I do every day. A couple weeks back, it smelled faintly of chlorine and Dum-Dums. He had his very first swimming lesson with my sister, his aunt Angie. 

This summer has been a great one so far for our big boy. I cannot believe he is TWO! I will write him a little letter here for posterity's sake:

    Sweet T.Mark,

   You are TWO! And I know I am a little biased, but you are the sweetest little boy I know. You are affectionate and kind. You love to hug. If you see someone crying or with a bandaid, you are very concerned about their "bad bad bobo" and want to make sure that person gets a hug or kiss. 
   You do not meet a stranger. If you see someone you don't know, you look at mama and loudly ask, "Who's that??" in a tone that suggests it is entirely unacceptable that you are unfamiliar with this person. You want to meet and know them immediately. 
   You are very smart. You know all your letters and numbers and colors, you learn a new Bible verse every couple of weeks and can say them all from memory. I am so proud of you! Your favorite is part of Joshua 1:9--"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous!" You yell it out every time. 
   Your favorite things are ANY kind of vehicle. Particular favorites are dump trucks, police cars, excavators, concrete trucks, racecars, and tractors. A few weeks back your Mimi and Doc took you to Touch a Truck, where you got to "drive" a digger. A mountaintop experience I'd say: 

You had a blast at your birthday party. It was a small get together with just family. 

You loved the cake mama decorated for you. You couldn't get those trucks off of it fast enough. 

You and your Doc. 

  You respond well to discipline (so far!) and I am thankful that at least at this point, a stern word is usually plenty for you to understand that you need to obey. You know if I make you say "yes ma'am", that I mean business. 
   You are a talker. You give a running commentary of everything you see when we are riding in the car. (I think you got this from your Gran!) "Thats a boat right there mama. A BIIIIG boat." "It's a 'Merican flag! It's wavin'. Stars and stripes forever!" And my personal favorite, which you busted out one day as we drove across the spillway dam at the river, "We're crossin' the mighty Pearl River, mama!" I laughed so hard.
   You are my joy and the apple of my eye. I pray for you daily and delight in your sweet nature and affection. I am so thankful to the Lord for you, my firstborn baby boy! I love you, T.Mark! 


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