Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice

  So we braved the pool today. Fitting, for the longest day of the year. As I write this it is close to 9 pm and I am looking out over the reservoir at the (very) slowly fading light. I confess I am not much of a student of astronomy--not because it doesn't interest me, just because I haven't given it any time--but I have always thought it was so cool that someone on the other side of the world (in this case, if they are in the northern hemisphere) can be experiencing the same thing I am experiencing here. 

Kinda like wishing on a star or something, right? Ok, maybe not but just work with me here. 

Taylor has been feeling under the weather so T.Mark and I had a mama and baby day. We got up early and went "swingin!" on his swingset and then put on our swimsuits and sunscreen and headed to the pool. It was T.Mark's first time to the splash pad at our pool, and he was a little overwhelmed! I think next time he will be ready to go all in. Then a yummy lunch and home for a nap. Wish I could have joined him! I ran some errands instead trying to get some things ready for T.Mark's big boy room and for Amos' room. I am not changing the nursery much, but will do a few things. The walls are getting painted and I bought some new art. I want to make it special for this sweet little guy who is so energetically kicking and rolling around in my tummy as I lie here still and writing. I will hopefully post some pics soon of the two new rooms. Our house right now is an absolute disaster zone. We are getting the carpet replaced and so everything had to be moved into the center of the house where there is wood and tile. It makes me feel like a crazy person. I'm very ready for it to be done. Supposedly it will be on Monday. Then the purging begins! I try to use situations like this to clean out and clean up. It's a little difficult with a sick husband and a two year old and being 32 weeks pregnant but hey-I do love a challenge. 
   I also will blog soon to recap our family beach trip and my sweet boy's two year old birthday party! He is doing and saying so many fun and sweet things right now. I need to write them down so I won't forget! 

Here is one pic from a couple weeks ago of my sweet, silly boy: 

Hope you had a great day-especially since it was the longest one of the year! 

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