Sunday, June 22, 2014

Before and After

So I have been in the process of redoing an old chest, a sideboard really, to use as T.Mark's dresser in his big boy room. 

Correction: my sweet dad has been in the process. He stripped and sanded and painted it for me. I don't know if there was blood or tears but there was some serious sweat involved. So much so that one afternoon I almost killed him because he scared me half to death by lying down on my front porch to take a break from the heat. I passed by and was 100% certain he had had a heat stroke or heart attack and fallen out. Good grief. 

 I was able to put the finishing touches (almost) on the sideboard today and he tried to tell me I had done all the work. Sorry dad--'fraid not. I win this time. 

Here is the before pic of the matching piece of furniture, which also has stripping and sanding in its future. I forgot to take one of the sideboard but it looked just like this: 

And here was what was kind of the inspiration piece. I saw it in a shop in Annapolis last weekend: 

I didn't want T.Mark's quite that distressed, so here is what we came up with. The pulls are blue now too and will go on hopefully tomorrow! 

I made the handyman get in the pic. Thank you again Dad! 

I also did a little rearranging in our master bedroom-changed out linens and got new curtains--and I think I like how it turned out: 

I just can't decide what color to paint that chest. I am open to suggestions! 

I am clearly hitting the nesting phase of this pregnancy. I just need the carpet and painting to get finished early this week so I can fully flesh out the momentum I'm feeling at the moment! With a belly this big it is apt to completely dissolve at any time. Ha! 

It was so great to be able to worship with my church family this morning. We have been travelling so much lately that I have missed some Sundays. It always makes me feel out of whack. Our Sunday School class started a study on parenting this week, which I am really pumped about. I need all the help on that I can get!  

I guess I need to prepare myself for a season of less travel for a while. There is still the possibility of one small trip on the horizon in July, depending on how Amos is doing/what my OB recommends. But besides that I will be sticking around for a while! I know I will probably get a little antsy on occasion, but it will be nice to just be low-key for a while. Hopefully will get everything done to prepare for this sweet new baby! I can't believe he will be here in 8 weeks or less! 

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