Monday, April 7, 2014

Big Airplane

  The wedding we went to this past weekend had an unusual venue for the reception--an airplane hangar! Our friend Luke works for Kimmel Aviation, a private airplane insurer. He and his wife Lindsey thought it would be cool and unique to have their reception at the hangar where Luke goes to work every day. And they were absolutely right.

   I think just about everyone enjoyed it. But there is nobody who loved it more than this little guy: 
  They had four airplanes stationed around the hangar as part of the decor. T.Mark's eyes got big as saucers when we first walked in. "BIIIIG airplane"'!!! 

 It is so sweet to see his little preferences come out so strongly as he grows. Right now his favorite things are airplanes, racecars, fountains, and American flags. Well, and the garbage man, of course. 

We had a great time at the party. T.Mark ate a piece of cake and yelled out "happy birthday"!! Ha! He also kept grabbing my hand and saying "mama dance with you!"  Um, yes please. Won't have to ask me that twice, that's for sure. 

  I can't wait to meet this brand new baby boy growing in my belly. I know he will have his own unique quirks and preferences, just as T.Mark does. And if I had to guess, I would make the tentative prediction that these two will be like night and day. I guess time will tell. 

 Here are a couple more pictures from the last few days/couple of weeks. 

My friend Lane and me after her shower a week or so ago. My belly looks deceptively big here! I need to do a pregnancy update post soon. I'm so happy for Lane--can't wait to meet sweet baby Kate! She and Amos have many play dates to look forward to:

I loved this pic of T.Mark and my nephews Carter and Kyle. If my two boys can turn out half as wonderful as these two, I'll be a happy girl!

And one more of Carrie and me from our HymnFest service at church last night:
Hope you are having a good Monday!

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