Monday, April 21, 2014

Baby Brain

Here is an excerpt from an article I read recently:

"Most of us will admit to feeling a bit more scatterbrained while the miracle of life blossoms in our womb. We forget things here and there. No big deal, right? Let us be the ones to welcome you to the baby-brain club. The club where an ease into sleep deprivation and not being on the ball, or even knowing where the ball is, are your new normal right alongside spider veins, stretch marks, and sore boobs. Baby-brain won’t cause long-term cerebral damage, but it will occasionally make you want to commit yourself.
...As a novice to this club, your first assignment is to write out in multiple [sticky notes], in huge letters, ‘you are not crazy’ and begin decorating your house, your car, your office, and even your partner with these and other little reminders to help navigate your day. Why? Well, there are reasons why a pregnant woman might be on the forgetful side, apart from the fact that everything that goes into making a baby can mentally and physically bankrupt you.  
There’s a lot of pressure for women to feel like they can handle pregnancy with super-human grace and poise with perfectly packaged bumps, flowing hair and a glowing complexion. Donning our Superwoman persona and cape, we juggle pregnancy, careers, possibly other children, spouses, family, social engagements, fitness, and other exhausting ambitions. All the while, we have less energy, are sleeping less, battling pants, socks, and shoes with a growing midsection, and we’re less alert, always hungry, probably nauseous, and just want to curl up on the sofa with a bag of popcorn, some ice cream, and nap in front of a movie until baby arrives."

     So...what they are indicating here is that if I may, or may not, have gotten halfway into the car (because yes, getting into the car is now a process) on Easter Sunday morning before I realized I was wearing neither shoes nor underwear, I should not be alarmed.  I'm not saying that that actually happened.  But if it did, I shouldn't be concerned.  Right?
Here is a link to the full article in case you find yourself in the same predicament and need somebody, anybody, to help you feel a little better about it.
And here, just for fun, are some more pics from the last few days: 
T.Mark's first Easter egg hunt! A sweet couple from our church put this on for church members, friends, and anyone else who wanted to come! There must have been close to 200 people there:
And yes, his shoes are on the wrong feet. He had just gotten off the trampoline and I had put them back on a few minutes before. Try not to judge me. What's the title of this post again? Thankfully a mom without baby brain pointed it out to me before my poor child walked all over creation with shoes on the wrong feet!

 Wish I could describe this sweet little moment for you because the picture does not do it total justice.  But it comes close:

Listening to the real Easter story being told by a bunny and a giant chicken (my wonderful friend Ali!): 

And here are a few from Emily's lakehouse, where T.Mark and I got to hang out all day on Saturday:

T.Mark with Nat and Em:

And last but not least, another picture from before we left the house Saturday. T.Mark had gone into the front part of the house about 30 seconds before I did (I was in the back getting ready) when I realized that I had knocked a black ink pen off the kitchen counter a few minutes earlier. My hands were full, and let's face it, bending over right now with empty hands is getting difficult. So I thought to myself, "I'll pick that up in a few minutes." Anyway-it hit me that I had left the pen within his reach, and I realized the possibilities and hustled to the front part of the house after him. Just as I got there I heard, "Mama! I make a snake!" 

Ha! All I could do was laugh. Looks like we'll be doing a little touch-up painting soon! 

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