Saturday, April 26, 2014

24 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 24 weeks. Yes that is a pregnant belly selfie in an airport bathroom. And no, there was no one else around. I do have some sense of decorum. 

Size of baby: He weighs around 1.5 lbs and is around 8.5 inches long. The size of an ear of corn. A little too skinny for my tastes. I'm ready for those chunky thigh rolls to start developing! I mean come on, there's nothing better than a thigh roll on a chunky, cuddly little baby.  Wouldn't you agree? (By the way--how awesome would it be if people still felt that way about adults? Ha!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: around 15 lbs. I haven't gained any in the last week. It seems to go in spurts. Once I get to/past the 20 lb mark, and I'm sure I probably will--I may not post it anymore for the world to see! Y'all will be able to tell quite easily by looking at the pic that I am eating plenty and not depriving this baby. Ha! I know weight gain is a good and healthy thing during pregnancy but it is still hard sometimes to keep seeing that number climb! Anytime I think about that though, I just think about how thankful I am for a healthy baby. Any weight gained is more than worth it, and will come off eventually. 

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes. Still embracing the maternity pants with reckless abandon. I am hoping to do a little shopping this week for some tops since we are on the way to...wait for it...New York City! I am pumped.

Gender: a sweet baby BOY! Amos Jackson Sledge

Movement: lots!! 

Sleep: had my first leg cramps of this pregnancy this week, around 2 am one morning. And lots of vivid dreams. As I was trying not to scream in the midst of the extremely sudden, extremely intense cramp, I think I was making all kinds of wheezing noises. A very asleep Taylor leaned over and said "Catherine!! Get yourself together!" Ha. I told him the next morning that he needs to work on his level of compassion while sleep talking! 

What I miss: bending over easily when sitting down. Those days are gone for a while! 

Cravings: still sno cones and Popsicles. This week I went for coconut again, this time with raspberry colada. Smelled like the beach! 

Symptoms: Leg cramps, vivid dreams. And a couple mild headaches. Also had a good bit of round ligament pain this week. 

Best moment this week: Amos' all day long movement on Easter Sunday. He started up with the organ music when I was in the choir loft that morning and didn't stop all day! 

Prayer request for baby Amos: this week I will just ask for prayers for health and proper development as this sweet boy grows! 

And just as an aside-obviously we are going through some airports this weekend--may I just say how much I love them? Maybe I am strange--but I always have. Maybe it's because I am in them just often enough to feel very comfortable there, but not so often as to get sick of them. I think the movie Love Actually also inspired me somewhat towards a fondness for them. If you've seen the opening and closing scenes of that movie, you will know what I mean. Have you ever had a moment when you finally saw that long awaited person stepping off the airplane? Airports are the scenes of many happy reunions, tearful goodbyes, and important moments in great love stories. Friends and lovers are separated and reunited. Soldiers come home to their families. And hey--sometimes for a tired mama, they are just a place to prop your feet up for a few extra minutes and read or listen to music. I particularly love the Atlanta airport. 

How about you? Do you like airports or are they just a means to an end? I hope if you do any traveling this spring you will have at least one happy reunion! 

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