Saturday, March 8, 2014

Amos Jackson

 This past Tuesday we had a gender reveal party for our sweet new baby BOY!! I was so thankful to have lots of friends and family present to celebrate this new little life.

I got up early that morning to make the cupcakes. From the outside, you couldn't tell, but there was some very blue icing on the inside.

Carrie came over to Mom and Dad's and helped me get things ready. Creativity and decorating are not my strongest suits, and she is great at both! We wrapped this netting around the wreaths that were already on my parents' door to help people know they were at the right house.

I thought they turned out pretty cute!

Carrie saw this on Pinterest, or somewhere, and painstakingly colored in all the "he"s and "she"s on these candy bars.

Fun candy for everybody! 

Dad picked these up for us. So festive!

The big brother right before the party started: 

Lots of sweet little people! 

Carrie, Mary Martin, me, and Kim:

Dad and me:

T.Mark stealing some sugar from Nora Lynn:

Mamas-to-be (and Joel the photobomber in the back!). These babies are due just a few days apart, even closer than their older brothers who are just 3 weeks apart!

T.Mark is very excited about his baby brother! They will be wild together I'm sure! 

Proud grandfathers right after seeing the blue:

Angie, me, and mom: 

Taylor and me:

T.Mark and me with Whitney and sweet baby Evans:

Yay for blue! 

Me, Carrie, and Lizzie:

Lavon, Wendy, and me:

  There were lots of people I didn't capture in these pics--several other couple friends, two of which have babies due any day, plus my brother and his sweet girls, my sister in law, another niece and nephew, and others . I am so thankful for this group of friends and family. Emily was back in Annapolis and was facetimed in again for this gender reveal! She had paid me a surprise visit the day before at my office, resulting in some very happy tears: 

   When there were just a few of us left, Lavon asked if he could gather everybody together and pray for this sweet little growing boy. I was so touched by and thankful for this prayer. I will always remember it. 

   As you can probably tell by the post title, his name has been decided--Amos Jackson Sledge. I am so excited about it! For quite some time, Amos has been my first choice for if we had another little boy. It was my great grandfather's name. I love it for several reasons--the family significance, and the fact that it is somewhat uncommon. It is a biblical name. And it means "brave, carried by God". Jackson is a family name as well, and is also extremely special to me. 

   Now I am just ready to meet him! 

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