Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweet Valentine

  Since my sweet valentine was out of town, I went down to the church house last night to help out with the Valentine's Day banquet going on there. There was a great turnout! I am terrible at estimating numbers in a crowd, but the fellowship hall was packed out:

Got to sit next to beautiful Brit after we helped serve the food:

Earlier in the day, I got some flowers from Taylor--called in all the way from Malaysia! He has been speaking and playing harmonica there at a conference for work for the last week. 

Two dozen of the most beautiful roses I've ever seen. And they smell as incredible as they look:

And then here is a pic of my first valentine ever from my precious baby boy:

Melts my heart! 

Although he was none too thrilled about the little valentine party he attended in the nursery:

 Bless him. He did enjoy the pizza the kids ate for supper. Talked about it all the way home.

I hope you had a fun and happy Valentine's Day!  

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