Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nashville Reunion

I got to spend last weekend on a girls' trip in Nashville with a group of some of my best friends from college. We make it a point to do this once a year, in varying locations. Nashville was a new one for us but it made good sense as it is centrally located for pretty much everyone. We had a BLAST! Those three days were filled with lots of food and laughing and way too little sleep, which I did not mind one bit.

Babs, Scarlet, me, and Tricia at a fun East Nashville restaurant called Margot:

I sure missed my boys but I don't think this one was any worse for the wear: 

His Pop has introduced him to fudgesicles, and there's no going back. He calls them "bicycles", which is pretty hilarious. 

 Here is a pic of the veggie plate I ordered at brunch on Sunday. Told you there was a lot of eating! 

We went to a new restaurant called Husk. It was upscale down home cooking. How's that for an oxymoron. I can't wait to go back. It was excellent. 

But the company was even better. Mac and sweet baby Greer, Emily, me, Babs, Audrey, Scarlet, Tricia, and Wade. 

After brunch, most everyone headed out of town, but I had decided ahead of time to stay an additional night so I could spend some time with my Nashville cousins, Barry and his wife Kelsey and Ann and her husband Rich. I am so glad I  did! Got to spend some time reading to Barry and Kelsey's sweet boys Will and Luke, and hung out with Ann and Rich as they prepared food for their Super Bowl party that night. Their three kids were in and out, working on lots of homework. Later than night, I got to spend some extra time with sweet Emily. We went to a Super Bowl party at a friend of hers' house and then turned in a little early. After coffee and breakfast at The Frothy Monkey in 12South on Monday morning, I headed out of town. 

  I definitely plan on going back and visiting again Nashville again soon! Every time I'm there I remember how much I love that place. It is the only other city besides my hometown that truly feels like home to me. I think I could live there in a heartbeat. I'm not sure if it's the music, the people, the town itself, or what. There's just something about it. When I was in dental school we seriously contemplated moving there when I finished. Due to several things, we decided against it--but I must say I hope to visit as often as possible! I'm thankful we have so many friends and family members there. 

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