Friday, January 3, 2014


I have never been big on New Year's resolutions. I figure, if I'm going to do something, I might as well just do it. Why must there be a big to-do because it is the beginning of the year? However--something about this year is pushing me to do something along the resolution line. However, I much prefer the statement "I am resolved to..." as opposed to "my New Year's resolutions are..". I know that's kind of dumb. It's just a difference in phrasing. But these resolutions everyone makes are often dropped by mid-February. Life gets busy. You go to a couple of parties and get off the healthy-eating bandwagon. To each his own--but I am going to be resolved to do a few things. So here they are:
1. Read more. Voraciously. Insatiably. Because I love it, and because it is good for my brain. I am a better person because of what I read. Here is one of the stacks on my nightstand (you'll see the other in a minute):

2. Along those same lines--read through the Bible in a year. I have never read it through in a year, and if I am honest, I think there are some more obscure parts that I have not read AT ALL. This is absolutely unacceptable for me. The good thing is--I actually started this one back in September. I bought a One Year Bible and started with the month of September, and have been going for four months strong! So technically I am already 1/3 of the way through on this resolution! (There's that whole thing about not having to start on Jan. 1!)
3. Be very intentional about discipling my child. (No that is not a typo--although discipline is going to be a buzzword for us this year as well!) I know he is still small, but as evidenced by this video I posted a while back, you are never too young to learn Scripture!
I read this great article today, and loved what it said. Basically it stated that as parents, we should have a "lesson plan" in mind for our children for the year--what we'd like them to learn (and us to teach) spiritually, just as schoolteachers have one for what their students should learn. At T.Mark's age (not quite 2), it may be things as simple as the fact that Jesus is always with us, that He wants to live in our heart, that kindness and sharing are important ways to reflect Him. I haven't decided what to focus on yet, but I am going to be intentional about it.
4. Kind of going back to numbers one and two--read as much as possible to put the Bible in a more historical, archeological, as well as currently contextual perspective in my brain. I want to learn more about theology. As much as possible, in fact. Here's how I'm starting that off:

5. Cook more regularly. I have had a hard time getting on the bandwagon here. Before we had kids, Taylor and I both cooked fairly often, but it was more gourmet-style--we'd find unusual recipes and try them out, or Taylor would spend hours tending something on the grill. Those days are going to be few and far-between now. I officially declare this year the Year Of The Crock Pot. And the Casserole. And the Home-Style Cookin'. Since T.Mark has put baby food behind him, and Taylor has a work schedule that does not allow him to cook as often, this is going to be my new mantra. I have always admired my sister for (among other things) how well she puts food on the table for her family every night. Quite yummy food, in fact. I hope I can be like her when I grow up. Looks like we'll be having lots of Roast, Spaghetti, Mexican Casserole, Veggies, Baked Chicken, Taco Salad, and Lasagna in 2014. Loosen your belts, boys.
So I think that's it. Nothing too crazy ambitious. These will all be manageable for me. I want each thing I am "resolved" to do to be easily attainable, yet still a little bit of a challenge. Because, well--if you know me--you know that I love a challenge.
I can never resist a pretty sunset.

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