Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday, Sunday

 Today was a laid back day. Our church had a combined, single service this morning with no other activities, so we got up a little later than usual for a Sunday. Here were my boys this morning before church.

(Only in Mississippi can one wear a camo jacket to church and it be completely acceptable.)

 We had lunch with our sweet friends Carrie and Joel. They are sans kids this week, so T.Mark got lots of love from everyone! He was sorely disappointed that their little girl, Kaelyn, wasn't there. They are big buds! Perhaps a future romance? 

 We ate at Keifers, our favorite Greek restaurant in town. I got the falafel, which I sometimes hesitate to get in the U.S.--after having it in Israel a couple of years ago, it's just not quite the same here! But Keifers did not disappoint. 

After lunch Taylor headed back to the woods and I headed back to church. This afternoon was take-down day for the Christmas decorations. No simple task, as you can see! 

 What goes up must come down. 

I may never get all the glitter off my clothes after today! I was so impressed with how many volunteers worked so tirelessly to get all this done today. All ages and abilities. It took each one helping to make it happen. I have been a part of the setup in years past, but not the take-down, so this was a new experience for me. 

  Then we got to go visit sweet Gran, who is doing great with her knee rehab. We love you, Gran! 

 The beautiful sunset from tonight. Another red and gray one. 

Hope you had a great Sunday! 

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