Thursday, December 19, 2013

Party Girl

  I mentioned that we had a couple of Christmas parties this week. Tuesday night was our supper club party, and we had a GREAT time. When we get together with this crew, we all end up laughing so hard at some point that we just about wet our pants. Every. Time. 
This year we were missing three couples due to other obligations they had, so it was a little smaller group than normal. Finchers, Aikens, and Nicholases, we missed you! 
 Here is a pic of Taylor and me from that night:

 Also of note: every year, this party has been a tacky Christmas party. Every year. However...apparently I missed the memo that we were foregoing the tacky part this year. Oopsies. So Taylor and I were rocking the tacky look all by our lonesome. I don't think Taylor will let me forget that one for a while!  Thankfully all these friends love us anyway and didn't think twice about it! 
  Love these two!  

Stephanie and me:

 The sweet hostess and me. Excuse the funky lighting. Phone pic. 
  The supper club Dirty Santa ended up being uncharacteristically tame, probably because of the small size of the group. No one even stole any gifts! A miracle for this crew.

 The next night was our Sunday School party. Any tameness from the night before was totally rectified on this night. There was all kind of ornament stealing, and sweet Brittnye even got so desperate as to almost sing to be able to keep her ornament:
Here is a pic of our table. This isn't everyone but it's a good representation! 

A couple more pics:

After Dirty Santa we skyped in our precious friends, Travis and Alison, who now live in Chicago. Travis has always been the rule-keeper for the game and we had some questions for him. I think it is safe to say that we all feel that they are just as much a part of our class as ever! They just happen to be living in a different town. 

  It has been a busy week. One more thing I'd like to mention--after Carols by Candlelight last weekend, it seems that everyone in our choir has come down with some kind of illness. Several missed our Sunday school party because of the flu, I've got sinus yuck going on, and many others have the same or something else like upper respiratory infection or bronchitis.  I think around 50 people or more are sick, and it all happened immediately after Carols. Our choir's motto has always been "we are family" one person said, no one can accuse us of not sharing!  I have decided that the Lord kept it at bay for most of us over the weekend so we could get through Carols. Somebody said we should name this strain of flu CBC2013. Ha! 

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