Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve Recap

It has been such a sweet Christmas. Last night we had supper with Taylor's family plus my parents. They all attended the Christmas Eve service at the Sledges' church. T.Mark and I stayed home, just to make sure he would not get exposed to anything in the nursery since we have just gotten over the flu. (Thankfully he has been fever free since Monday!! And is no longer contagious. Yay! Still getting rid of that ear and sinus infection though.) I was so sad to miss such a special service, both at our church and at theirs. But you do what you've got to do for your little ones, and happily.
Supper was the usual Sledge Christmas Eve tradition: gumbo with greens. Yum!
I am very concerned that my child does not receive enough attention from his grandparents:

Good grief.
Pop, Gran, T.Mark, Mimi, and Doc:


My sweet little fam:
T.Mark and Mama:
Taylor, me, Caroline, and Travis. So glad I have such a sweet and fun brother and sis in law!
Most of the present-opening happens on Christmas Eve at the Sledges' house. Travis got a little overwhelmed.
Contrary to what may appear, we did NOT give him a giant curling iron.

It is a lighter that is specially made for the Big Green Egg cooker he has. However, if you need some SERIOUS hair bounce, this thing might could do in a pinch.

One more very interesting happening of the night: as we were finishing up dinner, and getting T.Mark ready for his bath, we heard bells outside. We looked out the front door, and apparently Santa had decided to stop by! He came in, saying ho-ho-ho and Merry Christmas, stayed for a minute to take a pic or two with T.Mark, and then handed us a giant stocking full of small toys like play-doh, balls, a tiny airplane, and others. This all happened extremely fast, and he left right after he handed us the stocking. Everyone looked around, assuming that the others had orchestrated it. But none of us had. We still have no idea how it happened or where he came from.

So there's a little Christmas magic for you!



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