Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baby Talk

I feel the need to record, for posterity's sake, some of the precious things my little boy is saying right now! I know he will not be little forever, and that sweet baby talk turns into normal speech all too quickly. So here are a few of his funny little words at 18, almost 19 months old.

1. His favorite food--"Chee-weesh!" Cheerios, if you'd couldn't tell. He sees a box and starts yelling "Chee-weesh, Chee-weesh" so excitedly. 

2. "Heap you, heap you." This one is usually accompanied by him looking up at me expectantly and holding out some item that has a top or way to be opened. This originated because of me asking "Do you want mama to help you?" Sweetest thing ever.

3. His other favorite food, oranges--actually those little Cuties--comes out like "awh-anch!" Also yelled excitedly at the top of his lungs. The kid is not lacking for zeal, let me tell ya.

4. If he bumps his head he runs to me and says "Bo-bo!! Kiss it?" Because mama kissing it makes it all better, as we all know, right? The best though is when he doesn't even bump anything and he still does this--I think he just wants a kiss from mama sometimes! 

5. "Hee-uhw it?" This is accompanied by putting his finger in his ear and looking at me. Usually when the dog barks.

6. "See Mama. Seeeee Mama!" Or insert any other name there, often a grandparent. Whoever he wants to pick him up at the moment. 

7. When you ask him where someone is who is not with him at the time, his response is either "house" or "I DON'T know." 

8. "Jesus." As the answer to just about everything. This is good, we've just got to do a little refining. Whose birthday is on Christmas? Jesus. Who made you? Jesus. What color is daddy's truck? Jesus. 
We've got a little work to do on that one.

9. A typical boy, he is quite interested in bodily functions and sounds. And a typical baby, he doesn't have them all straight yet. I was standing in line at the Cups on my way to church last Sunday, ordering my coffee. Lots of people around. As the guy was taking my order, T.Mark burped sort of loudly and several people turned to look. He looked around and proudly announced,"POOT!" and started laughing hysterically at himself. The guy behind the counter thought it was hilarious. Good grief. I was laughing too but could not get out of there fast enough. I'm sure that won't be the last of those! 

10. His favorite toy is his "tack-too". Also known as a tractor. He asks for it every morning, and again occasionally as a (he thinks) clever distraction tool immediately before going to bed. 

11. This Christmas he has been obsessed with the tree and lights. Every morning he runs into the den and yells "BIIIIG twee!! Lights?!" as if to say, please hurry and turn them on Mama! 

I love my sweet, vocal little boy. He gets his verbose propensities quite honestly, from both sides of his family. Click here for a little video of one thing we've been working on lately.  Please excuse the mama's lack of makeup!  It was early in the morning.  ;)

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