Saturday, November 30, 2013

In Everything Give Thanks

   The weekend of Thanksgiving is so refreshing to me.  To have Thursday with family, and then a Friday that feels like Saturday, and then ACTUAL Saturday...and then you've still got Sunday!  I am so thankful for this time of rest.  It's like a chance to press the reset button.  

   My chocolate chip turkey cupcakes were a hit.  Only one little guy remained after lunch, and I think he met his end shortly after this picture was taken.  

  A few Christmas decorations are starting to go up around my house!  I actually started that a couple of weeks ago, just because I felt inspired.  Little things--christmas hand towels, framed pictures of past Christmases, etc.  This little olivewood nativity scene sits out year-round in my house though.  I love it.  We got it in Bethlehem, on our trip to Israel a couple of years back.  It is really special to me, and I think it is so beautiful!  

   Note the red mixer in the background--it gets to move over to the position of prominence on the kitchen counter during the Christmas season!  It helps remind me to bake all those cookies I don't need to be eating!  Speaking of things I don't need to be eating--you know you had one too many helpings at Thanksgiving when you are getting dressed the next morning and doing the "I'm going to squeeze into these jeans if it kills me" dance (girls, you know what I'm talking about), and your toddler thinks it's a funny new dance move and starts laughing and imitating you.

   Yep, that happened.

    This guy.  

    T.Mark and his cousin Sterling had fun playing in the backyard at Mimi and Doc's house!

   My crazy nephews and husband decided to start being ridiculous with the pumpkin.

 Taylor and me:
  All the cousins on my mom's side and their kids--minus T.Mark, who was snoozing after his big lunch.  It was a fun crew!

     I loved this one of my sister and her kids!  I'm a candid pic kind of girl.  They always capture moments much more true-to-life than the canned pics.
 Take this one, for example.  We decided we should start a magazine called "Cousin Weekly."

   I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family and friends and the making of many happy memories!

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