Saturday, November 16, 2013

BFF and an Award

I don't have anything too crazy to report from this week. It was a busy one, which I like. We had a lot going on at our office--a crew from Minneapolis came in to take some photos and shoot some video because we got chosen as a national winner by one of the large dental supply companies, Patterson Dental, for our office design. Yay for that! The one thing I ever designed in my life actually won something! Unfortunately, I think I used up any possible decorating prowess all on that one project. I never can seem to quite do things quite so successfully at the house. Oh well!

Here is a pic of the setup before one of the interviews:


I had the fun surprise this week of my best friend and her sweet husband coming home from Annapolis for the weekend! We were able to have supper with them, her parents and grandparents--essentially my second family. It was honestly soul-nourishing to be with her. Sometimes you just need a little hangout time with those who know you inside and out!

Naturally her sweet Nana requested some playing and singing. We were happy to oblige. Every time we sit and do this though, I kick myself for never practicing during those years I took piano lessons! I can play chopsticks now and that's about it. Emily, on the other hand, can pick out pretty much anything by ear. It takes her about 30 seconds to get the chords figured out, and then she can play it with no problems. I am spoiled when we get to sing together!
Here is a video of my sweet man when we were trying to learn to say Emily's name. Excuse my crazy hair and lack of makeup!

Now Taylor, T.Mark and I are enjoying a lazy weekend and cleaning up around the house a little. Hope yours is as relaxing as ours has been so far!


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