Monday, November 18, 2013

All By Myself

  Yes, you are supposed to have broken out into song as you read the post title. Go ahead, sing your little heart out. I might have. Just a teeny bit.
  Loneliness is defined as: the quality of being unfrequented and remote; desolate. Dejected by the awareness of being alone. 
   I don't know about you, but I get lonely sometimes. The weird thing is, I don't even have to actually be alone for it to happen. Sometimes there are just times that, for whatever reason, it is easy to feel lonely. Now maybe this is a self-centered view, and if I would just get outside of my own head, it would take care of itself. And that may be true. But the feeling is there nonetheless. 
   I try to fight it off. Music helps. Hugs help. Reaching out to another person in compassion or service helps. 
   The Lord tells us to be strong and courageous--that he will never leave nor forsake us. Jesus says that surely he is with us always, to the very end of the age. 
    I believe Him. But sometimes, I still have to ask Him--ok Jesus, I believe you, I really do. And I am so thankful I can talk to you, I really am. But it would be so wonderful if you could just speak to me audibly. And speak some warmth and light and sweetness into my ear.  
   That hasn't happened yet. Don't worry, you'll hear about it if it does! ;) However-He supplies just what I need in other ways. Maybe not the ways I think I want, or think are best. But through a text from a friend. Hugs from my husband or my sweet boy. A song or a book I love. My church family.
     And then when I sit down to read my Bible, it comes alive, and I realize that He IS speaking to me, quite clearly. And I remember that any loneliness I may feel has nothing on what He felt hanging on that tree. No one could do the task for him. No one could sympathize. No one had ever done before what he did that day, and for all eternity. As he prepared for what lay ahead, He sweated blood for me. His friends fell asleep, essentially deserting him in his greatest hour of need.
    When I think about those things--my light and momentary struggles become just that--light and momentary.  
    Here are a couple of pics, just for fun: 

T.Mark and his "Auntie Em":

Cousin love! We were excited to see Taylor's cousins Erika and Britain when they were in town, and their little boy Coll. This is blurry but with these boys everything was a blur! With that shirt and sippy cup, I see shades of the Ole Miss/LSU rivalry that is sure to come in the years ahead! 

Ok so I know y'all (all two of you who read this--hey, Mom and Angie!) may be tiring of my sunset pics. But I just can't help but share them when they look like this:

  I wish you could have seen it. 

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