Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oxford Weekend

 It was nice to finally have a low-key weekend in Oxford after all the traveling we've been doing lately. 

The calm before the storm. It's kind of crazy how many trash cans per capita there are in this relatively small space. 

Sledge boys on a stroll on the square. 

Lazy Saturday mornings look a little different than they used to-but I would not trade this little snuggle bunny for the world! 

Ya know, just hanging out in the pumpkin bin at the Kroger. 

We didn't last super long in the Grove but it was fun while we were there. This could  have had something to do with the fact that we were all a little discombobulated, because the Mommy got the game time mixed up and we showed up at 10 am thinking the game was at 12:30, when in reality it was at 6:30.  


We went home and changed out of our grove clothes and took naps/rested, then tried again later. 

T.Mark loves his "Unh-gee!"

Looking forward to going to a few more games and groving with friends this fall! 

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