Saturday, March 3, 2012

T. Mark's Closet

There was an awesome consignment sale last week in the Jackson area that my friend Sarah Denley so kindly let me in on. I was able to run by in between patients, and I racked up! I only had about 15 minutes, so I felt like I was on a shopping spree or something! Pretty much all of the clothes at the sale were in VERY good condition and looked like they had only been worn once or twice. Up until this point, I had not bought many clothes for T.Mark-just a few sleepers and onesies/play clothes, so I was really excited to get his closet a little more prepared for when he arrives! Here is what I got at the sale:

Woohoo! We racked up-and at a fraction of the price if they had been brand new.

Cute little jungle bubble:

My fav!! How precious are those little smiley crabs?

My second favorite-a little romper/Jon-jon thing. (FYI, I am super uneducated about children's clothing. I will probably call of these things by the wrong name! I'm learning though!)

Little fishing pole!

And I can't quite figure out how to rotate this one on my iPad, so just tilt your head to the side! This is another favorite! I think Taylor liked it the best.

And lastly-this one was a sample, so it was brand new. Because of that it cost a little more than the others, but was still a good deal! I can't wait to take him to church in this this summer!

Yay for consignment sales! I am definitely going to start paying more attention to when other sales like this are in town.

Hope you have a great Saturday!


  1. LOVE the clothes...too cute! I think I like the lobster bubble the best. I think Jack and T. Mark need a play date this summer!

  2. How precious! A bunch of those would have been my picks, too. I love the crabs and the fishing one, especially! I'm glad you had so much success and I love his name. So cute!