Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Non-Beachy Beach Trip, and a Baby Name!

A few weekends back, Taylor and I headed down to Perdido Beach for his company's yearly kickoff meeting. My feet did not touch the sand the entire weekend, but that was just fine with me! I wasn't too keen on squeezing this pregnant belly into a bathing suit anyway, as you can imagine. I did find a dress that I really love though-and it's not even maternity. I'm hoping I'll be able to wear it after the baby gets here. It's just a really stretchy jersey fabric-but in a very flattering cut and fabric.

The picture above was us right before we walked into the big dinner meeting for the weekend. I was so proud of Taylor-he was named Associate of the Year, statewide, for his company, so we got to sit at the head table, and he gave a speech. Here is a pic of Taylor speaking:

And y'all, let me just say-I think he may have missed his calling. That boy should have been a Baptist preacher. He went on for almost 30 minutes, and I know I am biased, but it was GOOD! I had no idea that much time had passed.

He got a standing ovation!

I was so proud to be his date! ;)

In other news-I realized that I havent formally announced Baby Sledge's name on the blog! So without further adue....

we are so excited that we'll be welcoming Taylor Marklin Sledge, III in May!

We have always kind of known that if we had a baby boy one day, he would be a Third. We are still discussing what his nickname will be (we don't really want a "little Taylor" or "little Mark" -my father in law's name is Mark). It will most likely be T.Mark. But that may evolve into just "T" -who knows. But we are really excited about the name!

We have been busy busy with lots of other fun things-I recently got some SUPER cute clothes for T.Mark at a consignment sale, thanks to my friend Sarah Denley-I will post pics soon!


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