Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap and a Baby Bump

We had a great time over Christmas this year hanging out with family! Our tradition since getting married has been some version of the following: sometime the week preceding Christmas, most years the day before Christmas Eve, we hop in the car with Taylor's parents and brother (and now almost sister-in-law, Caroline!) and head down to Kentwood, Louisiana, where Taylor's maternal grandparents live. His grandmother is a wonderful cook, and they have a HUGE garden where they get a lot of their vegetables and produce. We have great time visiting with the Stevens side of his family. Christmas Eve is back in Jackson, with the Christmas Eve service and a yummy gumbo dinner. My parents never really had a specific Christmas Eve tradition, so we all go to church together and then head to the Sledges along with Taylor's other grandparents for that delicious gumbo. Christmas Day we alternate each year who whose house we go to first, and we basically split the day after that.
This year was slightly different on Christmas Day because it was a Sunday. I've got to say that I absolutely loved the opportunity for corporate worship on Christmas Day! It was neat to see all my sweet church friends first thing that morning, and to sing in the choir on Christmas Day. Taylor and I woke up a little early, checked out our stockings to see what Santa had brought us, and then headed down to First Baptist. After a great service, it was back to the Sledges for traditional Christmas lunch and presents!

Here is a sweet pic of Lisa and her boys:

And Mark with his parents, CB and Evelyn:
Baby Sledge's first sleeper! I love that it has guitars on it. I hope he will inherit mine and Taylor's love of music!
After lunch it was on to my parents house for more hanging out with the fam....and more eating!
Our niece Dorothy loved her fairy princess Barbie:
My brother with Anna and Catie:
Dad "assuming the position" as we like to call it. After lunch he plops down in this chair and pretty much doesn't move until he goes to bed. Love it.
There's Angie in the corner and that's me with what Olivia got for Christmas!! Penny Gig the guinea pig. Bless her little heart, every time we got her out of the cage she basically froze, not moving a muscle. She might twitch a little whisker or two, but that was about it. I'll bet she has warmed up to people by now though.
Olivia, me, and Penny Gig :)
She found a warm spot on Carter's chest:
And now, for what you've all been waiting for....(ha!) the BUMP!
This is at a couple days short of 19 weeks. I am so thankful to be feeling well, and--a huge milestone--I finally felt sweet baby boy moving around in there a couple of days ago! I've felt him two or three times a day since then. It's so funny--he seems to like, or at least respond ,to the sound of the drill! As in, the one I use all day long! Maybe he will be a dentist one day like his mama. ;)

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