Thursday, September 15, 2011

Midweek Music

Yesterday afternoon, Taylor and I took off work a little early, hopped in the truck, and headed up the road to our favorite spot for a fun concert. Oxford was bustling, as usual, and there was a great crowd at the Pat Green show at the Lyric Theater! Taylor had bought the tickets a couple of months back and asked if I minded heading up to Oxford midweek. Easy answer for that one!

Our friends Kim and B.C. also came to the concert and stayed with us. We went for an early dinner at Snackbar beforehand--YUM! I wish I had taken some pics. One of the best things about John Currence's restaurants in Oxford (City Grocery, Snackbar, Boure, and Big Bad Breakfast), is that many of the meats these four use are prepared in his local smokehouse. We got a charcuterie tasting plate for the table that was delish! (Y'all please excuse my foodie indulgences with these paragraphs every so often--I can't help getting excited about truly great food!)

Here is a pic of me with my hot date!

And one of Pat Green wailing away on "Wave on Wave":

We woke up early this morning to make in back home in time for work. That made for a pretty long day--I am pretty worn out after a busy day at the office--but it was totally worth it! I love being able to take fun little random road trips like that together--I look at them as an investment in our marriage and in both of our psyches!

In other news--in the last few weeks we've had some fun activities. I went down to Gulf Shores for a dear friend's bachelorette party...during a tropical storm, no less! That is commitment, people! We ended up inside the condo most of the time (praying not to be blown away!) catching up and watching movies and eating yummy snacks--can't beat that.

We also just started, as of last week, as sponsors for our church's senior high youth choir. We are both REALLY excited about this! I had such a positive experience in that same choir growing up, and would love to help other kids do the same, and Taylor really has a heart for ministry with high school kids. He was very involved in YoungLife in high school and served as a YoungLife leader all through college. We are prayerful and excited about this opportunity!

Right now we are hanging out watching the LSU/Mississippi State game, so I'd better go pay attention! As you know, we are both Ole Miss fans--I am pulling for MSU in this one, and Taylor is pulling for the Tigers. May the best team win!