Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted! I'm afraid I don't have too terribly much to report. These summer days have seemed to drag along and fly by, all at once. It sure has been a HOT one, too! Good grief! I always have to make sure to check the forecast each morning before I leave--if the heat index is going to be over 100, I leave my poor pups inside. I just can't bear to think about them being outside in that kind of heat! They have a shaded area to lie in, and plenty of fresh water, but I am a worrywort and am always afraid they will get some kind of heat stroke or something! Taylor thinks I am going to be a crazy person when we have kids, since I am this protective of the dogs!

This morning Olivia, my sister's youngest child, was baptized. It was a really special time for my family. Lee, my brother-in-law (Olivia's dad) was able to baptize her because he is on staff at our church. It is so sweet and tender to see a father baptize his daughter like that, and even more so when they are a part of your family. We had a family lunch after that at Newks, and I ran into my beloved 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Polk--who informed me that I have been way too slow lately posting on this blog! I guess you just never know who might be reading!

A couple of weeks back we had a little "family reunion", as my cousin Kaleb took to calling it, down at my parents' new deer camp. There was fishing, ice-cream making, burger grilling, story-telling--the works.

A pic of the cabin:

And my uncle Rip. I love this picture of him! He's such a character.

Dorothy, my brother's youngest, after her fill of the slip'n'slide:

Goooood stick:

Olivia baiting her hook. Those poor fish didn't know what was coming.

Mom and Angie hanging out in the kitchen:

Rip explaining how to make that homemade ice cream just right. And he sure knows the secret....that stuff was delicious!

Cousins! Kaleb and Anna:

Doc taking a joyride with Kaleb, Anna, and Catie:

Kyle modeling for me while I figure out some camera settings. I told him J Crew and Calvin Klein will be calling soon!

Our cousin Buddy, doing what he does best--sitting on a front porch and telling us all how it is! We love when Buddy comes to town!

Dad and me:

Taylor being crazy in the kitchen:

And the brothers together--Dad and Rip, or as they call themselves sometimes, Mutt and Jeff!

And a few pics of my fur-babies!


As I write this, that little guy is literally snoring next to me on the couch! He's like a small, furry old man. Ha!

Last week my parents were on a well-deserved vacation to Montana with some friends--and since my dad and my business partner are one and the same--I was the head honcho at the office last week by myself for the first time! It was fun to continue learning the ropes of the business in that setting. We have some wonderful employees who made it a breeze, and fun too!

And speaking of work--I don't think I have mentioned it yet on the blog--but we are in the process of building out a new office space, and plan to be moving in early November! That's part of the reason I haven't posted much lately. I have been pretty overwhelmed with all of the decision making involved in that process, to be honest. I get home every night and pretty much either plop down and rest the rest of the evening, or clean house until time to go to bed. Pretty boring, huh? I am so thankful and excited about our new office, but it just absolutely fries my brain to be constantly making decisions about paint colors, flooring options, lighting layouts, and wall heights. I am a science girl, not a design one--and that has been made all the more clear to me over the last few weeks! Sometimes I wish I could close my eyes and *poof* it would be done! Anybody got some ruby red slippers I can borrow?

I try not to talk too much business on this blog, partly because the nature of what I do is confidential (my patients' privacy is of utmost importance to me, not to mention protected by HIPPA laws!), and partly because this blog is really intended to be more of a personal chronicle, not a business one. But because I'm now a small business owner, and being a dentist is a big part of who I am--it's hard to separate the two sometimes! So I definitely plan to talk a little about our color and decor choices for the new office. I feel like that is a way to include that part of myself on this blog in a positive way.