Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little Ones

We celebrated two different little ones this weekend-our sweet friend Kaelyn and Taylor's new little cousin, Coll. Kaelyn turned one this week, and her mama and daddy threw a great party, complete with barbecue, balloons, a smash cake, and lots of pink!

It's always funny to watch little kids open this age, they are pretty much more excited about the paper and bows than what's inside!

Then today we got up early and headed over to Louisiana for baby Coll's baptism. This was my first time to meet him, and he is precious!

I love this pic of all the Sledge men (minus Taylor's brother Travis):

This baby is certainly not lacking in the attention department!

Mawmaw, Erika, Coll, and Grandaddy

I'm so proud to be part of such a beautiful and sweet family!

Last Friday was our Senior Awards banquet for dental school. Here are a few pics I took:
Wade and me. We have been through practically every kind of school together that a person can go to! Kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, college (chi o's together too), and now dental school. We're finally through, Dr. Wade!

Absolutely, positively, could not have made it through dental school without these three!

Fraternity bros.

So thankful for sweet Lane and her friendship over these last 4 years-and looking forward to many more!

Tomorrow I am headed down to the beach for a couple of days! Originally, this was supposed to be what I have dubbed a "BFF" trip-Emily and I had planned a girl's getaway a good while back. But due to a crazy series of events including a trip date mix-up, a broken plane, and debilitating back pain (poor Em!) just ain't happenin'. She joked today that it seems like fate just doesn't seem to want us to take this trip together! I was pretty bummed out (and still am, of course, that we are not getting to take the trip together)...but, by some literally miraculous coordination of calendars, my mom AND my sister are both free to go!!! I seriously cannot believe it.

So stay tuned for blue skies and sandy beaches!

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