Saturday, May 21, 2011

It is Finished

So night before last was the Gaither vocal band concert at church, and I didn't really know what to expect. I was absolutely delighted by the whole thing! I had no idea that it would be a concert, variety, and comedy show all rolled into one! I can't wait til they come to town again! I'm going to include a couple of videos so you can see what I mean.

One of the main guys in the band is a man named Mark Lowry. I knew nothing about him going in, but now I am a huge fan! He is a comedian, singer, and songwriter who has been traveling the country for the last 30+ years entertaining people. Here is a YouTube video of him at one of the Gaither concerts-it's long, but if you have time, watch it!! I just watched and was laughing so hard I just about cried! And not only does he make you laugh, he really has a way of putting things that makes you think.

That video was an intro to the song Mary Did You Know. I was listening to him sing that song Thursday night, thinking to myself, wow, this guy has such a BEAUTIFUL interpretation of this song, different than I've heard before-almost like he wrote it or something. At which point, my friend Carrie, who was sitting next to me, leaned over and said, "You know he wrote this, right?" Oh. Ha! Here is that video as well:

And one last video. The band performed this song Thursday night, and it was so beautiful. The video quality on this one isn't great, but it captures the sound really well.

Later today we are headed to a birthday party for our friends Carrie and Joel's little girl. Kaelyn is such a cutie-hopefully I will get a few pictures to share! Then we are headed across town to an end of the year party/crawfish boil for my dental school class. I still cannot believe that it's finally here...I felt like dental school would last forever. But BELIEVE me, I am SO glad it's over! Working world, here I come!

Tomorrow we're getting up early to head down to Hammond, Louisiana for Taylor's little cousin's baptism. I'll try to get some good pictures of that too. Hope you have a great weekend!

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