Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finally a DMD!

I almost can't believe it...but I am officially Dr. Sledge! Graduation was Friday morning, and it was a GREAT day!

Angie was so sweet to come and sit through that long ceremony! It was held at the coliseum, and I'm telling y'all, that place was packed. All the health professionals graduate together-med school, dental school, nursing, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dental's a bunch of people! And of course the DMDs and MDs are near the end, so my family were troopers to sit through it all!

My brother Neil wasn't able to leave work for the graduation, but he came to the after-party!

Wade and me. She and I have been from ABC to DMD! Kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, Chi O's at Ole Miss together, and finally dental school. It's been fun Wade!

Lane and me:

Taylor was sweet to snap some pics from the audience:

This pic is really dark, but that's me walking across the stage to get hooded. The tradition goes that you receive your diploma and then are given the doctoral hood. The dental hood is a lavender color, with the inside of it being the University of Mississippi colors. Hotty toddy!

Travis' girlfriend, Caroline, was graduating from dental hygiene school, so since they had two graduations to celebrate, Taylor's parents were sweet enough to throw a big party at their house. Lisa made chicken casserole, crunchy romaine salad, and fruit salad, and Taylor's grandmother Evelyn made some yummy desserts. It turned into an all day affair-some other friends came over later that afternoon and we grilled out and took a boat ride on the reservoir. The weather was perfect!

Here is a pic of me and Caroline:

My brother's girls made cards for me-how sweet and creative are these?

As hard as it was, and as often as I complained, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go to dental school, and I'm beyond excited about this next phase of my life! I start work next week, and I'm so excited to finally be in the working world. Y'all come see me!

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