Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Ok, so this post title is a little misleading. I haven't been so much cleaning as rearranging. I just got bitten by that bug the other day--you know when you just have got to move some things around and freshen up. Something about spring in the air!

This chair belonged to Taylor's great aunt Eris and was a hand-me-down to us. I just love it! I love the tufting, and the bones of the chair, and the weave on the wooden sides. I even love the color! It had been hiding away in the office (which we didn't use much), I guess because I couldn't figure out how to work it into the den. Decorating/interior design is not my strong suit, sadly--but I am really working on it! And I'm so proud because I found a way that the chair can now be much more used!

The doggies making sure they like the new arrangement.

I decided to take out the loveseat that had originally made an "L" shape with the couch, put it in the office, and move the cool chair to a more desirable locale. :) I really love the result! I feel like the French doors are much more on display now too. They are one of my favorite things about our house--they make the main room feel so light and airy. The rug is an indoor/outdoor rug that we got for $20 at Kroger! It's really too small for the space but it will work for now! And then later when we decide to invest in a nice rug, it can go outside under the patio furniture.

Here is the rearranged office, plus our cool new piece of art from the Juke Joint Festival! Gotta go get that framed sometime soon...

We never used the office before, and now I am sitting in here as I type! I just want to curl up on this loveseat, reach over and grab a good book, and settle in.

We moved the desk so that it's in front of the window, which makes me want to sit there much more often when I'm doing work on the computer. You may have noticed that I've blogged more in the last few days--and honestly this is why! I am beginning to understand how important a room's layout can be. We also moved this bookcase from the guest room into the office/library (I feel like I can call it that now since there are so many books in here!), and put the Lamar Sorrento painting of Kurt Vonnegut on top. We've decided that our dream house will have an entire room filled only with books!

We just got home from our supper club, where the main dish was lasagna (YUM)--we were in charge of the side dish, so I made roasted veggies--tomatoes, zucchini, squash, yellow and orange bell peppers, and onions. I figured that would go well with lasagna. We have some leftovers, so I am going to try to be resourceful and puree them over the weekend and add to some tomato sauce for pasta. No need in wasting all those good nutrients!

Tomorrow we are heading to Kentwood, Louisiana for a Good Friday crawfish boil that Taylor's grandparents are having. (And yes, you pop music aficionados--Kentwood is the home of Britney Spears!) I'll have to post some pics when we get back!

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