Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rock of Ages

So last night was a success! I am certainly no Picasso, but I had fun nonetheless. I will definitely be doing one of these classes again. I love that we all had the same teacher and spent the same amount of time, but all of our paintings are so different! I'm glad we started with an easy one, but I think I am ready to move on to something a little more complicated for next time.

Carrie and Lizzie and I met for an early dinner at Newks right before the class. I got my favorite salad in town--YUM:

Just getting started painting. The whole time everybody was worried to death that their painting would turn out ugly ha!

Carrie's cross:

And mine:

This was mine about halfway through the process. The wall to the left displays all the paintings/classes they are offering right now!

And here we all are with our finished products! Dana, me, Lizzie, Heather, and Carrie. Dana is Carrie's sister-in-law, and Heather is a friend of theirs from their Sunday school class. I think Heather's cross was actually my favorite of all of them--her colors turned out really cute.
Overall, it was definitely a positive experience, and I plan to go back!

Today has been all over the place--I got to work/school early and saw patients, then was picked up by my BFF's mom, Val, for lunch! We went to Babalu, which is always yummy, and had a really great time just chatting and enjoying our meal. I didn't have any patients scheduled for the afternoon, so I've been running errands and now just sat down at home. I'm trying to drum up some motivation to work out before I head to church tonight--I reeeeally need to! Emily and I are headed to the beach in about three weeks and I am feeling the pressure! She and I have never done this before, but we having been planning it for over a year now--we are taking this girl trip, just the two of us, just for fun--partly to celebrate my graduation and partly just to enjoy some time off. She has just finished her first semester of nursing school and needs a break just as much as I do! We have some sweet family friends who are letting us stay at their condo at the beach, and I am SO thankful! We probably wouldn't be able to make the trip otherwise. So, all that to say, I had better get my butt in gear! Tonight at church we are rehearsing for our music program Easter Sunday. I'm excited about all the music--there are some really worshipful songs that I just love singing. I love Christmas, but I always look forward to Easter especially--it is truly a celebration of what Christ did for us!

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