Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

Easter weekend was a great time for us--a worshipful service and church and lots of quality family time! Here are a few more pictures from Easter Sunday.

My sister's beautiful Easter table. We were also celebrating my brother in law Lee's birthday and my Dad's birthday, hence the "you are special today" plates at either end of the table:

Olivia and me. Precious child!

My sweet! Taylor used to wear bowties all. the. time. in college and he hardly ever does anymore--so I was super excited when he stepped out of the bathroom this morning wearing this!

Olivia took my camera for part of the afternoon and ran around taking pics. I really love this one of the whole family eating together. Breaking bread, shall we say. There's something beautiful about a family sitting around a table together.

That's me icing (cool whipping?) the Hershey bar pie I made. And in the foreground is the cute little ice cream bunny cake Mom and Dad brought for the kids! It had mint chocolate chip ice cream inside.

My cousin Dabbs with Olivia. Too cool for school.

Ang and me. Fyi, I don't normally wear all black on Easter! I felt so out of place! I was on praise team this week (the group of singers that sings with mics out in front of the choir) and we all wear black pants and sweaters or blazers. I hated not to wear the Easter dress I bought several weeks back, but I will get plenty of wear out of it at spring and summer weddings--and I love singing on praise team so no complaints!

Now here is where it got a little crazy. Taylor went back into Angie and Lee's room and starting playing DJ off his ipod, and the whole family ended up in there! I'm telling y'all, I think we need to start a family band. We have a future in showbiz--just look. Here's Beth. And don't miss Catie in the background. The child was dancing up a storm on the treadmill.

Taylor DJ'ing, Anna, Beth, and Olivia all with guitars.

Dorothy. Beltin' it out.

Catie again. This child is a HAM. Can you tell? I feel like I need to go on and buy my tickets to Miss America 2026.

Anna workin' those guitar skillz.

See what I mean? I spared y'all the pic that Olivia took of me standing on the arm of the couch in the corner, breaking out some dance moves. But seriously...maybe we should start a family band! I'll play tambourine. :)

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