Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Crawfish and Family Pics

Edit: I'm not sure why this didn't post, but I had scheduled it to go up last Thursday. Hm. Anyway, here it is:

And a few more pics from the Easter weekend. We went down on Good Friday to Kentwood, LA to Taylor's grandparents' house for a crawfish boil!

Lisa and Taylor:


Taylor's grandfather showing me his beautiful roses:

We took a walk to the back part of their property, named the "Little Woods":

Taylor's grandparents:

Their HUGE garden! Granny sent us home with corn, peas, and blueberries, all from the garden. Not to mention her homemade strawberry preserves....oh my gosh that stuff is good.

And now I am running out the door because Taylor and I are headed up to Oxford for the Double Decker Arts of my favorite weekends of the year! Pictures to come!

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