Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cousin Love

Last weekend was my cousin Dabbs' wedding. It was one of the sweetest ceremonies I have been to in a while--our whole family had been looking forward to the weekend for months! Almost all of our cousins were a part of the wedding--Taylor was even included as the DJ! Here is the bride and her groom, Jeffery, cutting the MSU-decorated groom's cake. My nephew Kyle, my sister Angie, me, and my oldest nephew Carter. I seriously can't believe my nephews are so grown up.
How cute are they?!
Mom and her first cousin, Buddy. We love getting to hang out with him!
Dabbs and our first cousin, Little Barry! (We have Uncle Barry, Little Barry, Uncle Gray--the bride's father, who passed away two years ago--Little Gray, and we even had an Aunt Sister!)
Again--coolness. My bro-in-law, Lee, and my niece Olivia.
Mom and Uncle Barry. Cute pic of the siblings!
Breakin' it down.
Dancing to "My Big Green Tractor"--Lee's favorite!
Dad, Olivia, and me.

I don't know how, but I somehow didn't get any pictures of my brother and his wife April, or of their four girls. I did take a video of Catie, their third child, absolutely bustin' a move on the dance floor. (Where she got those moves, I have no idea!) But I am still unsure of how to add a video on my blog! I need to figure that out. I also didn't get any good pictures of Taylor up at the computer/soundboard. He did a great job as the DJ! Everyone kept going up to him and asking if he did it on a regular basis and if he would be willing to do it at other events. Ha!

This weekend was lots of fun too--we went up to Oxford Friday night for a quick getaway and had a great time hanging out with friends and trying out the new restaurant in town, South Depot Taco Shop. It was started by a friend of ours from high school and a pledge brother of Taylor's. It just opened this week, and it was EXCELLENT. I can't wait to go back next time. Yesterday we headed back into town for our dear friend Jocelyn's wedding to David Dill. She was an absolutely beautiful bride--I wish I had taken my camera. So glad she married a wonderful guy like David! We look forward to lots of fun times with them. Then we scooted out of that reception a little early to catch the end of some other friends' engagement party, Brett and Julie. It was at Taylor's parents house, and it was packed out! I think poor Lisa (Taylor's mom) was worn out by the time it was over!

Today we headed to Sunday School and church, where it was Senior Adult Recognition Sunday. It was so meaningful and cool to see the older population of our church leading in worship and speaking about the ways in which they serve in our church. One of my best friend's grandmother spoke about the ministry she has with the floral committee--she and a group of ladies take all of the leftover flowers from services, weddings, etc, refresh and rearrange them and send them to members of our church who are going through a hard time, who are hospitalized or homebound, or who have had a death in the family. It was so neat to see her speaking about this important ministry. Then we headed to lunch with the Avens, good friends from Sunday School, and the Buckles, a new couple who just joined our class--we are really looking forward to hanging out with them a lot more in the future!

This past week I was away from the dental school on an Oral Oncology rotation, so I had the privilege of caring for and learning from patients undergoing head and neck cancer treatment. I will devote a whole post to that later--it was a humbling and fulfilling experience for sure.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying your Sunday afternoon!

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  1. Bech's little brother, Hunter, is one of the cooks at the new taco place...So I am glad to hear y'all liked it! We are going to come home for a week or this summer, and I am already trying to figure out how we can get up to Oxford in that time...I just need some great Oxford food!