Sunday, April 3, 2011

All Talk and No Game

Some of you may know that Taylor and I both love to read. Both our loves of reading started when we were very young. Taylor's continued into his college years, resulting in a major in English at Ole Miss. Mine waned a bit as my brain was overtaken by scientific facts and theories, and now medical and dental knowledge, but my love of reading has certainly not died. We are members of Square Books' Signed Firsts club, which means that we pay $20-$25 a month to receive a signed first edition book in the mail from Square Books in Oxford; each book is normally decorated in some way, and by decorated I mean it has won an award like National Book Award Finalist, or something like it. We feel like this not only enriches our libraries and our lives but there is a good chance it could be a good financial investment as well, as oftentimes signed first edition books can become very valuable if the author goes on to do even greater things.

But I have a confession.

Until last week, I had not read for pleasure in FOREVER. Which is such a shame. I mean I read a devotional book when I do my quiet time/personal Bible study, but that's about it. I guess my brain has been so bombarded by information that it is just really tired! I know that, in fact, because it still is. And Taylor has been the same way. He has been overwhelmingly busy working very hard and providing for our little family, and he as a result he has given little time to reading for pleasure. But--Taylor and I had a come to Jesus the other the day in which I told him that we have been all talk and no game. And that we'd better shape up or ship out! It is an absolute shame to continue getting all these beautiful, rich works of literature and let them pile up, unread! And it's not like our lives are going to get any slower or less busy. So, we made a commitment to take at least one night a week WITHOUT the tv on, and use it only for reading. So we'll see how it goes! But I will say that since then, I have read one book and am halfway through a second. I finished this book:

And it was great! A really easy read, actually. If any of you have read Lauren Winner's first book, Girl Meets God, this is sort of an extension of it, or at least it explores further the same vein in which she first wrote. Winner is a thirtysomething woman living in Virginia who grew up Jewish but converted to Christianity in early adulthood. Mudhouse Sabbath is the fleshing out of her desire to make Christians more aware of the closeness to God and depth of faith that can come from paying more attention to the liturgical and ritualistic aspects of common events in Christian life, for example weddings, prayer, mourning--basically borrowing from our Jewish friends a little bit of ritualistic devotion, so as to avoid the "lukewarm" Christianity that can creep up so easily, and to live our faith a little more fully. To quote Amazon: "Overall, she expertly invites Christians into a deeper and more daily level of faith."

And now, I am halfway through this book (so excited!):

How on earth I escaped junior high having not read this one, I have no idea. It is one of Taylor's favorites. He has read it at least ten or twelve times. I'm actually reading his copy, from when he was a kid. I figured it out first by the worn binding but then by the large letters just inside the front cover, "PLEASE RETURN TO TAYLOR SLEDGE" in his mom's handwriting.

I may not go back to the days of finishing a book in a day, and several in a week, like I did back in junior high and high school--simply because of other commitments and the general busyness of life--but I can certainly take a step in the direction of renewing my love of reading! Just yesterday I started to feel that old feeling of the world sort of fading all around me as I lost myself in the story.

Gotta love that. Read something today! Enrich your life!

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