Wednesday, March 16, 2011

With Flying Colors

Ok, so before I even get to anything else...I PASSED MY BOARDS!!! I am so thankful and so relieved! Of course my family are all teasing me, wondering why I worried in the first place, but you just never know! Clinical boards in dental school are sort of a different animal--people who are wonderful dentists in real life may not do well on the clinical board. Your results are somewhat dependent on the patients you have that day. So I have to give a shout out to my dad and his dental team for helping me out immensely with finding two wonderful patients--thanks y'all!
In other news--Taylor and I spent last weekend in Oxford, and it was heavenly. We invested in some property up there, so we took the trip up to get some things settled in. We walked up to the square numerous times, took a "volta" up to Volta (volta means slow nighttime stroll) for my favorite hummus anywhere, walked the dogs all around campus, which, y'all I swear it gets more beautiful everytime I'm there. We passed this one plant/flower/thing that was absolutely was planted along Hilgard Cut, yellow with these long tentacular branches that looked like they were streching skyward as far as they could reach, trying to touch the sun. I hate I didn't have my camera with me when we passed them.

Well, hello there, happiness.

Double decker! (Isn't there some sort of punch-buggy thing that goes along with a double decker bus? Consider yourself punched.)

Japanese magnolias are everywhere up there and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful. Their petals litter the ground like carpet in many driveways.

We got to hang with two of our favorite people, Angela and Davidson. I didn't get a pic of the boys, but here are the girls! The four of us ate lunch at a new bakery in town, Lusa. It felt a little like cheating on my steady, Bottletree Bakery, but I guess since I went there twice too, staying about 3 hours each time, I'll let this one slide.

Love the Lyric. It is a revitalized theater in Oxford, repurposed now as a venue for acts and shows coming through town. Since it opened after Taylor and I graduated, I've only been to one concert there, Robert Earl Keen (so good!)--but I'm looking forward to many more!

Hope you are doing well now that it seems spring has finally sprung! We are headed out today to enjoy Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade downtown--Taylor has informed me that he is wearing green glasses, green beads, a green shirt, and yesterday he was on the hunt for green pants and a green'll want to stay tuned for pics of this one!

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