Monday, February 28, 2011

Sledge Weekend Recap

Not much has been going on around here. Well...that's not exactly true. We had a pretty busy weekend. Friday night Taylor was in Oxford, so I had a girls' night with Whitney. We sat around and talked and ate pizza. Then I came home, put on my pjs, and went to bed around 10:00. I am officially an old lady. But I love it! Saturday morning I got up, went on a walk and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL day.....I think the prettiest things around right now are all the Bradford pear trees that are all over my neighborhood. They have those beautiful white blooms that are simply stunning this time of year. I've decided they are my favorite kind of tree. They and those giant old live oaks that are plentiful down near New Orleans. Then it was off to do some shopping for the bridal showers I had later that afternoon. My friend Jocelyn and my sweet cousin Dabbs both had showers that afternoon. Dabbs is getting married in just four weeks! Here is a picture of the two of us at my bridesmaids' luncheon almost 3 years ago:

I am so excited for the brides-to-be! We have a lot of weddings and wedding-related functions coming up in the next few weeks. Six couples we are close to are getting married in the next 5 weeks! Unfortunately we won't be able to go to a couple of the weddings because THREE of them are on the same day at the same time! Craziness! I guess that is just the season of life we're in. Next thing we know it'll be baby showers, then baseball tournaments and cheerleading camps! So I'm looking forward these next few weeks to rehearsal dinners and bridesmaids luncheons and watching some close friends make such an important commitment to each other before God and all their friends and family.

Later that night, Taylor got home and we headed out to the birthday party of the century! A good friend of Taylor's was turning 40, and his sweet wife threw a HUGE birthday party for him at our favorite restaurant in town. It was so much fun--a seven (SEVEN!) course meal, a great band, and lots of fun people. The next morning was church, lunch at home out on the patio, and then some shopping with my sweet mother-in-law.

Also looming on the VERY near my national clinical board exam, THIS Friday. I am completely freaked out. I have no doubt whatsoever that I can do what is clinically expected of me--the procedures are ones that I have done hundreds of times--it's just the fact that things are sort of out of my hands. It's certainly an exercise in trust--I've just got to believe that the Lord is sovereign over this, just as he is over everything else.

I hope you had a great weekend too!

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  1. Good post! Just wanted you to know that I have definitely entered the phase of all baby showers! What happened to the weddings?! I was just getting used to that! Then before you know it, one of your best friends is going to be a mom....and then another...and then another!