Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Real World Comin' at Ya


I have been working at my dad's office all this week (for those of you who don't know, he is a dentist here in town) for my private practice preceptorship, and I have to tell you, as we like to say here in the South, I am WO' SLAP OUT. And it's only Wednesday. Sweet Dad called me tonight as I was on my way home from church and asked, "Are you ok? Am I working you too hard??"

He definitely isn't working me too hard, but I have gotten a very real taste of the fast-paced working lifestyle of a dentist in private practice--and I absolutely love it! I think there will just be a learning curve when I first join the practice this summer, because right now, the nature of our education at the dental school is wayyy slower. We are only allowed to schedule patients in two or four hour blocks, and a procedure that really should only take 15 minutes or an hour gets drug out to 2 or 3 hours. That's just the way it is. I have been treating patients for two years now, and I am MORE than ready to move on to "real world" dentistry.

In other news: Whitney's wedding was BEAUTIFUL! Her rehearsal dinner was sweet, poignant, delicious, and fun, and the wedding day was a blast. It started out with a wedding day brunch at our dear friends', the Roberts, house. I actually was the Nazi responsible for pushing the bride out the door before the groom arrived (can't see each other! bad luck!!) and chauffering her to her hair appointment. I felt so bad pulling her away from all the well-wishers, but somebody had to do it! Next it was on to the church, where we primped and practiced and prayed, all before the ceremony at 6:30 that night. Everything was beautiful, including the bride. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the weekend:

Cutting the cake:
First dance:

Whittie and Mr. Johnny:

Dance floor!
We have taken a pic like this of the four of us before every major event of recent years in our lives! Three down, one to go....Hales you are next!

My bestie and me:
My other bestie--isn't he handsome?

How precious is Whit's face in this one:

Em, Nat, and me:
Dancing the night away:

And our other big news--one of our most dear, wonderful, can't even describe her with words, friends--Lauren, aka "Wade" to most of her friends--got engaged this weekend!!! Her now fiancee, Alston, surprised her with a ring right before they ran the New Orleans Marathon on Sunday morning!! She said towards the end of the run, every time she would think she just couldn't go any further, she'd look down at her left hand and think,"Weeeellll, I can make it a little further!" Ha!! I guess so Wader!

We love you and Alston and look forward to many years of friendship with the Ludwigs! Here is one final pic, of Carolyn Grace, Wade, and me, at her impromptu engagement party Sunday night--the Wades had people over for champagne and desserts to celebrate, and the house was chock full of people.

I have had lots to celebrate in the last few days...hope life has been treating you well too! Check back in soon!

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  1. Whitney is so cute and I have to say that I'm pretty fond of her new husband's name ;) I was a little worried that it was a bit too unusual, but when I read about another one in the Northside Sun a peace just washed over me. How Southern is that- a peace washing over me while reading about an announcement party in the Northside Sun? I realized after I typed it that it was almost (okay, it was) comical.

    Also: yay for you for almost being a real dentist!