Monday, January 10, 2011


Friday night at my house, several girls and I threw a surprise wedding shower for our friend Whitney!! We decided to do something a little different...besides it being a surprise, which is different in itself, we made it a pajama party! Everyone came in their pajamas, prepared to watch bride movies, eat popcorn and candy, and drink wine. A true girls' night in!! And I must say, it was a total success. Here's the candy and popcorn setup:

Everyone piled into the man-cave to wait for her to arrive:

Sweet girls! Sarah, Jocelyn, Ashley, and Laura:

She was so surprised!!

Yummy food table. Chicken salad bagels from Beagle Bagel (YUM!), crunchy romaine, and antioxidant fruit salad! (So easy--clementines, grapefruit sections, and pomegranate seeds, combine in a bowl--done!)
The bride and her sweet mama:

The kitchen really is the heart of the's so funny! Compared to the rest of my house, there's not a lot of seating in my kitchen, and yet that's where everyone always ends up.

Opening her presents. It was an entertainment shower, which I think is one of the best kinds to have, because really anything can work as a gift--there are lots of options.

Lauren, me, and Josie. These girls are both getting married in the next few months! Lauren just got engaged over Christmas--her sweet fiance surprised her with a trip to New York and proposed. He gets a double thumbs up in my book.

Aaaand.....the best part of the night. Lauren discovered some apparently irrestible music on my ipod, set up the strobe light app on her iphone (nice), and we had an impromptu dance party. It was absolutely excellent. Check it out:

Couldnt' let Ted feel left out!

Carolyn Grace, snug as a bug in a rug in my bed! Seven girls ended up spending the night, which was so wonderful--nothing better than a spend the night party! I haven't done that in a really long time. We all got up the next morning, and with the exception of a couple who had to leave early, sat around and drank coffee and looked at old pictures til almost lunchtime.
We love you Whit--hope you had a great time!

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  1. Catherine, this was the sweetest idea! I know it meant so much to Whitney!